About Suicide Lane Cycles

Originally founded in Los Angeles in 2012, Suicide Lane Cycles returned to to Salt Lake City and transformed a former automotive shop just off State Street into a retail space and custom motorcycle workshop. With tried and true techniques, Suicide Lane Cycles offers both custom motorcycle builds, vintage restorations, and mechanical servicing.

Davy Bartlett

Davy Bartlett is a Jack of Many Trades and a man of few words. An artist, musician, engineer and overall creator, translation, he has gotten bored at most of his previous jobs. Davy brings technical know-how, inherent creativity and distinct passion to his role at Suicide Lanes.
Davy started working with his dad at a young age on motorbikes and just about everything else. He eventually solidified his hobbies and passions with higher education and completed, amongst other things, a motorcycle and power equipment program.
When he’s not lending his creative talents to Suicide Lane Cycles, Davy spends as much time as possible with his wife, Abbie, and their three boys.

Nikolas Garff

Nik was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 18th 1985 to Pearl and George Garff. As a kid, Nik’s dad called motorcycles “murdercycles”, that intrigue into the taboo of how dangerous and outlaw motorcycles are inspired the name Suicide Lane Cycles. By the second grade, he had all of the biker regalia, including the leather jacket and pomade, the only thing missing was the pack of smokes. Nik’s never been much fan of crotch rockets, or Japanese cars, but there hasn‘t been a moment in his life that he wasn’t absolutely infatuated with old school traditional Americana hot rods, along with American and English motorcycles.